February 2022: Courage Never Dies

by Sheikh Mohammad Fauzul Mubin

Editor’s note

We are publishing our second issue of Press Xpress in the wake of catastrophic diplomatic failure in Eastern Europe with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Imminent geopolitical and economic consequences of this war marks a dark chapter in collective history and will resonate for generations to come. Absence of honest political dialogue and concrete diplomatic solutions led to empty rhetoric and sabre rattling, which ultimately led to this unfortunate happening. World leaders have proved that human life is valueless in front of blatant hunger for power and greed.

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Major (retd) Sinha Mohammad Rashed Khan, our very own ‘Sinha Bhai’, a person very close to my heart, was sacrificed needlessly at the altar of power and greed. I still remember driving hundreds of miles, hours of driving listening to the same tunes, rocking in the same melody, dreaming of the unseen future, laughing and even shouting at times. But in his death, we find his legacy, exposure of blatant hunger for power, greed and subsequent victory of justice. This edition’s cover story is a small tribute from our team to a great soldier of our beloved motherland.

Sheikh Mohammad Fauzul Mubin

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