About Us

Press Xpress started its journey as a publication only recently. With the theme ‘Information Beyond News,’ it aims to provide the subscribers with authentic, detailed and informative contents. The Press Xpress team consists of highly professional and experienced journalists, who tend to give their best having required expertise in their specific areas of work.

As a regular publication, Press Xpress focuses on current events, native culture, local and foreign political analysis, international trade, and many more. The segments of its coverage area range from politics to diplomacy, tourism to technology and health to other holistic items like environment, innovation, industries, security, geopolitics, entertainment and so on.

Unlike the usual monthly magazines, Press Xpress has a unique style of presentation. The subscribing audience will experience an ever greater flow of information, statistics and inner story of news. PX, as said shortly, intends to display a plethora of comprehensive journalism that aims to pursue truth in an absolute capacity, which is driven towards the depth of accuracy.

It is not in any form a platform for information gathering only, rather it is associated with a certain level of professional skillset, practical orientation and data-driven value addition aimed at target delivery and overall performances that separate it from other genres. PX will stay true to delivering publications of complete stories in a meticulous account of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.

We believe in the empowerment of our “journalistic truth,” which innovates greatly with the professional discipline of assembling and verifying facts to its core. As we humbly begin ‘a journey of storytelling with a purpose,’ the PX team remains focused on delivering the best to its capacity.

We also stay committed towards dedicating ourselves in the pursuit of authentic details. With relevant images, the publication presents truth in a manner, which is not only appealing to the eye, but for the minds to race and hearts to rejoice with contentment.


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